Please find answers to frequently asked questions about our loudspeakers here.


1. How do I use Wi-Fi to stream music to my Vifa speaker?

You can stream music to Vifa speakers from devices that provide AirPlay and/or DLNA. That is phones, tablets, or computers. Even boxes like AppleTV can stream to your Vifa speaker. Consult the user guide for your device to see details on how to do this.

Here is a short intro:

Apple devices:

Click the AirPlay Icon and select the Vifa speaker. At present you can select one speaker on iOS while you can select more from iTunes (Mac or PC).

Android devices: 

From your player select speaker. In some APP’s a speaker is called a “Render”. Depending on which pre-installed APPs you have on your device, you might need to download a suitable player APP. Like BubbleUPnP or similar.

Windows PC:

Use iTunes. When AirPlay speakers are available you can select them clicking the AirPlay icon.

Use Windows Media Player, click “Play to” icon and select speaker.

Eventually buy programs like Airfoil or AirParrot to get more flexibility.

Remember: if the Wi-Fi coverage is weak you might observe dropouts. Always place your Wi-Fi access point high and close so it cover your area best possible.


2. My Vifa speaker doesn’t appear on my audio device! What’s going on?

Well, there might be different reasons:

a) Is the speaker connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device? It must be.

b) The Wi-Fi coverage is poor. Try getting both your device and your speaker closer to the access point/router.

c) Your device may have “overseen” the speaker. Try to disable and then enable Wi-Fi on the device to let it learn again. You can also press RESET on the Vifa speaker – it will restart and automatic connect to Wi-Fi again. No settings are lost.

d) Your router does not support the Wireless B/G standard or it has been disabled in the network configuration of your router. Ensure that your router supports the Wireless B/G standard and that this option is enabled in the configuration of your router. The Wireless N standard is not supported.


3. Sometimes there seems to be ‘dropouts’ between my speaker and my audio device!

It may happen that you lose the audio connection between your speaker and your audio device. This may be caused by several reasons including:

a) Your router, speaker and audio device are no longer within solid range of each other. Try getting them closer. Always place your access point/router as high as you can. And in the middle of your area.

b) There might be noisy equipment that affects the Wi-Fi. Like micro wave ovens, other Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi devices etc. Don’t place your router, device or speakers close to noisy equipment.

c) There might be obstacles damaging the Wi-Fi signal. Anything can absorb or reflect the signal. Concrete walls or metal doors will reflect the Wi-Fi so not much will pass. And the human body can absorb the waves which will be most prone if the device is very close to you, like placed in a pocket.

d) Heavy data traffic (such as large downloads, streaming movies etc.) is causing data congestion on your network router. If your router supports WMM then enable this – it will give multimedia more priority. Vifa speakers support WMM.

e) The streaming service you're listening to (eg. Spotify, Deezer, WiMP etc.) is experiencing heavy usage, thus dropping audio connection periodically.


4. I get a strange sound when connecting my TV and speaker through Digital Optical cable

Most likely the optical signal is a BITSTREAM signal, which is meant for decoding in an AV processor/receiver.

In the menu of the TV (or set-top-box) check that the optical output is either PCM or LPCM.  Vifa speakers accept PCM/LPCM up to 192kHz/24Bit


5. Can I use a streaming music service or internet radio with Vifa products?

Yes, you can. Connect your Vifa product and your streaming device to the same WiFi network with internet access, and then you can live stream from the internet to your Vifa product.

Or connect your music device to your Vifa product via Bluetooth and your streaming device to the internet – if you use the mobile network for internet connection, please beware of the download price of your mobile network subscription.


6. I can’t connect my Bluetooth device with my speaker?

Your speaker might be blocked by another paired Bluetooth device. To release a paired Bluetooth device on speaker, press the “Volume up” and “Volume down” button simultaneously until the indicator flashes BLUE 3 times. After this, your speaker will be free to pair with a new Bluetooth device.


7. Can I use Bluetooth aptX to my Vifa product?

Yes, if you’re Bluetooth transmitting device has support A2DP, otherwise it just run standard Bluetooth.


8. Will the aux optical input support 24 bit signal?

Yes, the optical input will support up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution.


9. Can I change the WiFi Network name on my Vifa speaker?

Yes, use the Vifa app or manual network set-up.


10. Can I adjust the sound tuning on my Vifa speaker?

Use the free iOS or Android Vifa APP to adjust Tuning and / or Placement.


11. My Vifa product does not appear as AirPlay device – why?

Make sure that your Vifa product is connected to the same WiFi network as your device or create a direct WiFi connection between your device and your Vifa product. See manual for further information.


12. There dropouts in the music when using WiFi – why?

Your Vifa product might be out of your WiFi network range – try using the direct mode instead. See manual for further information.

The WiFi environment might be compromised by too many other competing WiFi networks trying to use the same WiFi channels as your WiFi network. Use Bluetooth to connect to speaker.


13. The start-up volume of your Vifa speaker is too high or too low.

Use the free iOS or Android Vifa APP to adjust the start-up volume of your speaker.


14. The light intensity from the status indicator is too high or too low.

Use the free iOS or Android Vifa APP to adjust the light intensity.


15. Why doesn’t my remote control my Stockholm?

The reason can be caused by battery or by the remote pair procedure.

a) The remote need to be paired to your Stockholm. To do this make a Factory Default on Stockholm and when it has powered on again just use the remote. Stockholm will learn the first remote it sees and only respond to this. It will remember this also after powering completely off. It will need to pair each time a Factory Default is done.

f) Remote battery is empty. Replace to a new CR2025 battery. 

g) Remove plastic insulator in battery compartment.